New Student Orientation

Register For An Upcoming New Student and Parent Orientation Session

The orientation program is designed to ease your transition into the Fort Hayes and prepare you for academic, social and personal success. The orientation session is designed to meet your needs.

      •  Jump Start students learn about the Fort Hayes  environment and the differences between high school and Career classes.

  • All students will hear from faculty regarding classroom expectations and specific policies and procedures.

During Orientation You Will Have An Opportunity To:

  • interact with staff, faculty and other students
  • identify academic and student support services
  • understand faculty expectations and policies
  • access your registration information and your e-mail account
  • ask pertinent questions about programs of study, important dates to remember, academic support services, and the placement testing process and how it influences course selection
  • know what it takes to be successful at Fort Hayes

Orientation Scheduling

New Student Orientation is scheduled in large and small group sessions. You will receive notice of a session based upon the date of your first registration for courses and other information, such as your program of study.  Students are made aware of orientation dates in the Schedule of Classes, by mail, e-mail and the Web.